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Tullio Tramazaygues

Mediterranean design


Spanish designer Tullio Tramazaygues was born in Switzerland to a French-Basque father and a Sardinian mother. His surname means "between waters" - a concept strongly reflected not only in his movements around the world, but also in the artistic vision that now drives him: a unique blend of the Costa Smeralda of his Italian childhood, the Costa Brava of his Spanish youth, and the California coast of his American maturity.

The waters that connect these places and cultures have informed his growth as an artist with a physical progression from one sea to the next. This is why, despite having such a geographically complex life history, he has a simple answer for those who ask about his origins and influences: "from the Mediterranean Sea" – evoking a name that meant, to the ancient Greeks, "the middle of the land." In parallel fashion, Tullio makes it his goal to search out and find the midpoint of any creative undertaking.

It's in this way that he achieves a subtle, harmonious balance of opposites: light and shadow; concavity and convexity; form and substance; technical and creative freedoms; aesthetics and functionality; materials and used media; architectural details and decoration; structure and nature.

This is his vision, Mediterranean-inspired, deployed between European and American waters, and always with the mark of good taste ensured by this quest for harmony.

USA 206 Del Mar Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Ph + 1 949 500 7302
EUROPE Rbla. del Celler 127-1º-1ª, Sant Cugat, Barcelona 08172 Ph + 34 625 622 116
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