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Tullio Tramazaygues
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Villa Serena - Las Vegas

Work: design interior and exterior architectural details, furnishing, stained glass windows, lightning, finishes, decoration, pool, pergola and fountains.

Project in working process. Is a remodeling of an existing home. The chosen style recreates the aesthetics of the seventeenth century villas of the Veneto region of Italy. The care and attention into every detail of design and decoration was the premise that defined the work carried out to obtain a luxury residence, the clients dream was to -"live into a Fabergé Egg"-. Everything but the structure has been custom built to achieve the required uniqueness of the details, from ceilings, cabinets, doors and hardware.  At the present time we are working on the finish elements.

USA 206 Del Mar Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Ph + 1 949 500 7302
EUROPE Rbla. del Celler 127-1º-1ª, Sant Cugat, Barcelona 08172 Ph + 34 625 622 116
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