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Tullio Tramazaygues
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Toluca Lake - Los Angeles

General remodel of a cottage from the 20s that Bing Crosby bought for his mother. 

The Tudor style at the structure of the house was enhanced and preserved, being careful to improve its historical elements and materials giving a better general perception.

The interiors are eclectical, making the cabinetry in a transitional style.  Kitchen was opened to the house making it good for enternaining and gatherings.

Some ceilings of the main rooms have being opened into cathedral ceilings, (originally all of them where low), restoring to the project the special beauty of the Tudor style.

The remodel has being approached with a criteria of a clean look and minor impact on the general exterior look of the house. Some exterior stone adition, probably done in the 70s, was removed, and left the original stucco. Also the brick details of the facade was cleaned from the paint that was covering it, but leaving a patina of its age.

The front yard, and landscape still under work progress to finish it. 

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